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Laser Tattoo Removal


Non-invasive Laser Tattoo Removal with Incredible Results

Changed your mind about your ink? Regrettable tramp stamp you want gone? Clean skin, modification or new ink aspirations? We’re here to help. Whether it is complete removal, fading, cover or repair, fast track your laser tattoo removal at Black Wolf. Our experienced and certified laser technicians can tailor a treatment plan that best suits you.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment CostFrom $120*
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Laser Tattoo Removal at Black Wolf

The objective of efficient removal is to disrupt the existing ink with minimal disturbance to the surrounding cells. Our advanced laser technology targets unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, all with fewer treatments, faster recovery time and better results than traditional lasers. Using state-of-the-art technology and the very latest techniques, our expert technicians will make getting rid of your tattoo safe and non-invasive and scar free.


We use state-of-the-art Laser technology and techniques (Q-switched ND: YAG Laser) — a pulsed laser beam, rather than a continuous wave of light, this is the preferred method for effective laser tattoo removal as it is high frequency light, is suitable for short and focused sessions as it is efficient in creating a shockwave that breaks down the tattoo ink into small particles, so it can be safely discarded by the body.


Most people say the sensation of laser tattoo removal is far more tolerable than expected. Tattoo removal is described by many people as slightly uncomfortable to mildly irritating. A common consensus is that the sensation is similar to having the tattoo inked, but with much less discomfort. Positively, laser tattoo removal is fast and utilises gentle medical grade cooling to remove your unwanted tattoo with negligible side effects.

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